Friday, December 30, 2011

My 2011

Happy Friday Everyone!

With 2011 coming to it's end I am taking a look back over everything during my 2011.
  1. The Floods - No doubt this event affected everybody. I will never erase the images from my head nor will I forget how strong Aussie Spirit is.
  2. I applied for my Styling course at AICD & got accepted for 2012.
  3. Worked 3, then 2 jobs and learnt how to save $$.
  4. Lost my dog, Buster and 2 cats Thomas & Missy
  5. Spent my 20th birthday in NZ skiing.
  6. Had 2 family members battle cancer with one unfortunately losing the fight.
  7. My sister became pregnant.
While I am desperately trying to think of more, surely there is (this was a whole year, right?) I am stuck.

Looking back on my list I notice I have 3 tragedies. They seem to overwhelm the rest of the list. It is from the bad that I have really learnt. Learnt about life and learnt about myself. Do up your own list. I bet this is the same for you.

What we need to ask ourselves is Why? Why is it that tragedies define our lives?

Perhaps at the top of my list, my biggest highlight should be that I survived this year. No, actually, I have survived a whole 20 years. Why do we take something as amazing and privileged as our lives for granted? 

Sorry if I am getting all "preachy" on you, but you know I am right. Every moment that we are breathing we should be grateful. Time should not be wasted on grudges or bad moods.

I keep hearing "2012 will be better". "I am going to make changes in 2012". Instead of saying "next year" or "tomorrow" say "today" or "right now". Why wait? There may be no time to wait.

Well that's enough for me, I am thinking too much.

I Hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year. I will be seeing you in 2012 =]


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