Friday, December 23, 2011

A Wake Up Call

Christmas is all about family and spending quality time together.

So last night Mumma, Sister, Miry (my niece) and I had a girls night out in Toowoomba. We went out for dinner and visited the park which has a Winter Wonderland light show on at the moment. If you live nearby and get a chance GO there. It is beautiful!

There are Christmas lights everywhere - cute little displays, hanging through the big trees, it really is a Wonderland. Watching them brings out a child like excitement and I was in awe of the pretty, bright pictures.

After a lovely night out I check my phone to find I have 6 missed calls from the Boyfie who was having a boys night drinking after a day at the golf course. I rang back and got an awful surprise when a friend answered notifying me she had just took Boyfie to the hospital. Naturally my mind sprang to the worst possible scenario. Turns out the boys had a few fireworks they tried to set off, and my guess, being boys that they are didn't read the instructions properly (if at all) causing it to explode and head straight for Boyfie's face.

The hour trip home could not go fast enough. I was so scared and had pictures of him with a melted faced and when I finally got home I didn't know whether I could look at him. Well it wasn't that bad. He did, however have no eyelashes, had one eye patch on and his fringe was no longer existent. Being the positive type he is he was very happy he had nearly 2 whole eyebrows left.

It was a awakening call that is for sure and gave a sense of what Christmas is really about. Not just Christmas though, everyday. This scenario could have been a lot worse, but it wasn't.

We need to be grateful and take time to appreciate the loved ones and what we have in life. You may have lost a loved one this year and that is extremely hard to deal with. Remember though, at least you had them. I bet your life is a lot richer just for having that person in your life and that is something to be grateful for.

My eyes are open wider now. I will not take anything for granted - my loved ones, my life or my eyelashes.

Enjoy your Christmas everyone, but more importantly enjoy your family and friends.


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