Thursday, December 1, 2011

Most Expensive Thing I have bought Myself

So I was reading the December 2011 issue of Harpers Bazaar Australia just last week at my favourite coffee shop as I do. While I was drifting away on a luxurious cashmere-soft cloud scented like Chanel No. 5 I was quickly bought back to earth when I turned to page 120 of the issue. Oh My Gawd! I had to remind myself I was in public and was not allowed to let out the squeal of excitement that was trying so hard to escape me.

The article was an interview with fashion illustrator Megan Hess. There was a preview of her new Black Feather Collection which is showing now at Lamington Drive Gallery in Melbourne. They are beautiful works, stunning, inspired by the likes of the wonderful Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Loren, all dark and glamourous and just what I had been searching for.

A rush came over me. I'm sure you know the one. When you have had something pictured in your head, something you have been dying to find but alas nothing comes close to. And then one day suddenly out of nowhere you find it. It is perfect, maybe even better than what you had ever imagined. Well that is what I was feeling at this very time. I HAD to have one. NOTHING was going to stop me.

So the next morning I went straight online to find the piece I had dreamt all night of. Sure enough the gallery has it's own website and you can purchase works online. How convenient. I found the perfect one 'Feather of the Opera'. It was very Audrey inspired.

$295.00 later I did not know how I felt about my newest purchase. I was excited that I had something beautiful I always wanted to hang on my wall, but I also felt guilty. Christmas is coming and I had not bought anyone's presents. I still have to save for my course in March 2012. Uh-Oh I was faced with a different rush then. One of perhaps regret.

I have come to the conclusion that this is the most expensive thing I have purchased for myself just because I wanted it, which is sad now I think about it. i deserve it. So screw it I am happy and very excited to receive it in the mail, which should be any day. Thank you Harpers!

Yours Stylishly XO LD

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