Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Pefect Xmas Outfit

Christmas is a time that sends even a fashionista into overdrive. With numerous parties and social soirees to be attended it is difficult to conjure up an outfit and more importantly getting it right. My advice is get organised early!

After all your hard work dressing up and styling yourself for the many lead up celebrations to Christmas it is easier to just scrimp on the big day, stay in jarmies for as long as possible then just pull on the old comfies - shirt, shorts thongs and not bothering with the hair. I understand you're exhausted from all the late night festivities and couldn't be bothered, but I urge you not to fall into this allurement.

There is no way I will be seen like this on Christmas day which is why I have started planning my outfit already.

Of course there are things to keep in mind while planning your perfect ensemble.

  • You will no doubt be eating all day - therefore avoid anything tight and body hugging.
  • You want to be able to move in your outfit so that you may partake in a game of back yard cricket if the  invitation arises.
  • A printed pattern is a good thought as it hides any gravy accidents. White = BIG mistake.
  • Go for a neutral colour and nothing too OTT - you don't want to look like part of the decorations.
  • It can easily transition from day to night.
  • Nothing complicated or ill fitting - we don't want to be giving the relatives a peep show.
  • As you may be travelling from parents to in-laws half the day the material shouldn't crinkle and crease causing an untidy look.
  • Of course you will need a stylish sunhat, sunglasses and comfy sandals. It is a good idea to have a wrap or cardi in case those celebrations go long into a chilly evening.
  • Don't forget accessories - this is where you can go all out and be a bit festive.
Taking all my above points into consideration I have settled on finding myself a long flowy dress for my Christmas day. I think girls should dress pretty on Christmas day.

I'm in love with this Rebecca Vallance dress. It screams perfect.

 Good luck in planning and finding your perfect outfit!

Yours Stylishly,

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