Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Christmas Pickle

Christmas is supposed to be a time of happiness and generally such a carefree season. However due to my own unorganisation I am finding it a bit hard to deal with this year. I am yet to buy any Christmas presents. I mean I do have ideas, it is putting those ideas into motion that is lacking.

I guess I have got myself so wrapped up in saving for my school and a holiday that I forgot to set up my usual Chrissy savings.

I could always get help from my yellow plastic friend, but it has the tendency of backstabbing me and causing alot of uneccesary stress. So I have made it a mission to forgo the credit card trap and budget like crazy.

After trying to budget for the upcoming weeks I have found that I am unfortunately down in the minus figures. There is nothing else for me to do, I am bringing out the big guns. I am locking myself down.

I WILL NOT spend any money on anything other than Christmas presents. For some of you out there this may not sound like a big deal. For me however, this is a task and a half.

So today I have enjoyed my last frothy coffee with my sister and it is instant from here on in. My dietry nutrition will consist of mainly noodles and spaghetti. And definitely the hardest of them all - I have forbade myself fashion magazines. You should now have a feel of how serious this whole thing is. Fashion magazines! NO FASHION MAGAZINES and the new issues are about to hit the stores.

Lock down will consist of me hiding my credit card, locking myself inside, throwing myself back into gym (possibly the only positive thing to come out of this),  and blogging like crazy.

Stay tuned my fashionable friends to see if and how I make it through

Yours Stylishly

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  1. I shall be joining you sister! Except I have different things to be missing out on. Like all the latest clothes for princess three!!!!!! :-0 good luck!