Thursday, March 8, 2012

...The Perfect Life...

Hello Fashionistas!

While soaking in a gorgeous Violet scented bath last night, champagne glass in one hand, Vogue in the other it dawned on me - I am living my perfect life right now.

I hate to admit it, but last year I became one of those future orientated people. I spent so much of my time planning and dreaming my future that I forgot to enjoy the journey.

I get so wrapped up planning a wonderful future that I tend to lose focus on the present & forget to enjoy what I already have and the things I am already doing... Well not anymore.

Everything is great. I have my amazing family, friends and boyfie. I am absolutely loving my new house and it's location that I share with an awesome Roomie.  I don't get to see Boyfie every single night (which has its hard moments), but I feel the time we are spending together is some of the best times we have had. Our goal is quality time, we make the most of the time we do have together.
Everything is great.

Afterall no one really knows what the future holds - or if there even is one. All that we know we have is today, right now.

Don't get me wrong, I still believe  goals and working towards them are very important, however there is no reason to obsess about them and it's absolutely no way to live.

From here on in I , Laura Duffy, do solemnly and sincerely swear to make the most of every day, every little thing and every single moment of this beautiful thing we call life.

So my lovelies enjoy today. Enjoy it for everything it is. No matter what it brings - love it and love your life.


21 Today!!!

Just a post to wish my very Bestest Friend a HUGE 21st Birthday today!

This girl has been there for me for over a decade and she is AMAZING.

She deserves all the happiness in the world and I hope that she gets it.

Love you Emma Hughes :)


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Our Style Shoot

Just remembered I had promised a little sneak peek into the style shoot I did back in Warwick a few weekends ago.

It was a very long couple of days but so much fun and we have some AMAZING pics out of it.

Here are just a couple. You can check out Studio 007's blog for more pics and other work she has done. NH Hair & Makeup did a terrific job on the hair and makeup. These sisters have got some serious Talent!

Let me know what you think :)

Before I pop down to the beach...

Hello My Pretties!

Sorry I missed you all last week, I am terrible.

Happy 1st day of Autumn! At the sunny Gold Coast it still feels like Summer. I have been making the most of having the beach practically at our door step & have developed a nice little tan.

View from our Balcony

So the job search continues and appears to be going absolutely no where. I guess it doesn't help much when you're as picky as me. All I want to do is work in a cute boutique clothing store. There are so many gorgeous ones around which is torture when they are not looking for anybody and even worse when I have no money to spend at them :(

As hard as it is to say this out loud I think I need to widen the search and start looking for other kinds of work.

I was dreaming of going on a holiday (just a quick weekend type one) - there are so many cheap flight deals on. I even went as far as asking Boyfie for dates to suit him. After getting his hopes up reality slapped me in the face... hard. How totally ambitious for a unemployed gal to want to take a holiday. Especially when she doesn't know where next week's rent is coming from.

Any type of holiday is rightfully on hold until I graduate. I have to focus on my study and get myself a job. Duhhh Laura.

My other search I have going on right now is search for the perfect Future outfit for this weekend. Yes I am that girl with the terrible habit of leaving important outfits to the last minute. And Yes somethings are worth taking out old Mr Plastic (not so) Faithful. I will be sure to upload pics next week.

Stay Stylish my Friends!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Coastal Dreaming

Hello my Pretties!

It seems like it has been a million years! So much has happened in just 1 week.

Firstly I am writting this post while sitting in my very own unit and Yes I DO love it!! I can hear the beach right now.
We ended up moving in Tuesday after deciding Monday afternoon we should push the real estate to let us in early. This is how I spent my Valentines Day.

Driving to the coast from Warwick which normally takes 2.5 hours but with Dad's driving took us 4!! Once we got my stuff out of the van and up the stairs into the unit we had to go and get my roomie's worldly possessions from storage. She has a lot and it is the 'good stuff furniture'. You know the real solid heavy ass things. A beach view soon felt hardly worth the backbreaking flight of stairs. We were very lucky we had Father Dearest helping out.

Later that night after having enough of unpacking boxes we thought maybe we should pop down to the shops and get a few essentials.
(Before I tell you the rest of the story just remember it was a very long, hot, exhausting day for the both of us.)
We get to the car and realise the keys are not in Roomie's bag like we thought. I did not even take mine and I had locked the door. Roomie did not have her phone and I did not even have my car key. On our first night we were locked out of our own home and stranded.

After unsuccessfully trying to scale the building and annoying our upstairs neighbours to see if we can be hoisted down to our balcony. Which we were informed would be very difficult and far too dangerous. We learnt our unit is impossible to break into without a very tall ladder so we called a locksmith (a very cute locksmith I might add).

After getting in, and taking both sets of keys with us, we went to the shops and bought some much needed alcohol and all the ingredients to have coffee for the morning.

It seems almost as if the Gods are against our new rooming. On the first night we could not get any hot water. Soon found out the hot water main switch had been turned off earlier when we were trying to find the electricity switch.

The TV is only getting 2 channels (neither are channel 7!!!).

We were missing a pot in our set that we bought. (Of course I realised this after I had washed the lot of them up.)

On day 2 the hot water decided to chuck it in so we still have no hot water (don't worry I have showered).

Thanks to Roomie I now have a nice little scratch on the side of my car after quickly learning my car does NOT fit in the undercover parking.

HOWEVER despite everything, all our bad luck, it has been fun and although I miss my Family & Boyfie terribly I am happy.

Now that the house is in some sort of order next on the list is to get me a job. Anyone hiring??

Stay Stylish Love Bugs I shall see you all next Thursday

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fashion Week Depression

Yesterday was the start of what is to be a very depressing 5 days for me. Gold Coast Fashion Week kicked off Wednesday afternoon and I'm not there :( :( :(

Too make things even worse L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival runs from 8th March - 15th March. This is another triple sadface for me. Those dates coincide with the Bestie's 21st and the beginning of my course!

Not even my magazines can distract me at the moment. They just keep teasing me with ads for the upcoming events.

Looks like I will just have to amuse myself until August for Rosemount Sydney Fashion Week and Brisbane Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival... Hmmm...

On a lighter note I am super excited for this weekend. I will be working with some friends doing a photoshoot. We have local girls modelling in the local area for a glam rebel shoot. Should be heaps of fun. I'll let you know how that goes next week, you might even be lucky enough to catch a peek of how we went.

I best be off, lots of organising to be done.

Talk soon my pretties!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Year So Far

Happy New Year my Fab Friends!

I know, I know 'a little late for that, slack much'? Please don't be too mad at me Darlings.

This year has already been an eventful one and I have been keeping myself busy alright.
In the course of about a month I have...

Thrown a High Tea Baby shower for my sister...

Became an Aunty for the second time (on 18th Jan 2012) to my gorgeous nephew Jace Maxwell Duffy...

Quit my job....

Partied for Boyfie's 21st

(which involved some heavy drinking, dancing and may or may not have resulted in someone falling down a night club's stairs flashing one's undergarments)

In the midst I also had Mumsy Dearest's and Sister's birthdays.

As you can see January was quite a busy month for Yours Truly. But now that February has kicked in everything has died down and I am feeling very bored.

Roomie and I are still unit hunting and not having too much luck. The whole thing is mildly depressing. The thought of finding a nice place within a good price range and actually getting it has become amusing. I realise how naive I was a couple of months ago.

Fingers crossed I will be laying on the sunny beaches of the Gold Coast writing these blogs within the next fortnight. However, I will keep you posted.

I will now be putting blog posts up only once a week on Thursdays. Hope everyone else has had a good start to 2012.
Stay Stylish,