Friday, December 2, 2011

My Not so Secret Addiction

It happens, everytime I open a fashion mag or get my daily dose of It feels like torture. The luxurious items I yearn for right in front of me but so far out of reach. I want it all - that Chanel dress, Alexander McQueen bag and I need that gold rolex! It sends me into a small state of depression, but there is something else there.

I get butterflies as I scour the glossy pages filled with colours and must have season buys. It's a rush. A rush of excitement as I think to myself 'You know Laura, one day you will have all of this.' Yes, to some this may seem highly ambitious, to me though I just know deep down that one day I will be able to drop $3,000.00 on that adorable clutch without thinking twice.

I do realise how superficial this sounds of me, I can't help it. Sure, they are just materialistic things that come and go, but they make me feel so happy! Therefore I think of my fashion mags not as a form of torture, more as motivation, a drive to keep me working towards the things I want (and need of course!), while others (perhaps my mother and sister) think of it more as my substance abuse problem. Could be worse right?

Yours Stylishly


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