Monday, December 19, 2011

SORTED: Catch Up with Friends

Happy Monday my Stylish Friends!

As everyone returns home during their work and uni holidays to be with their family for the Christmas period there is never a better time to catch up with old friends.

As a backyard barbie and pool party will undoubtedly be on your list of social activities it is time to plan the perfect outfit.

In my opinion you cannot go past a playsuit. It is an easy alternative that ticks all the boxes.

I would go for something like below. A simple, comfortable cut which falls perfectly. It can easily transfer into a night look. Team it with a long pendant necklace and some cute ballet flats. Don't forget a little fedora hat and the sunscreen though.

The only question with this Red Herring playsuit is the awkward tan line one might encounter.
Opt for strapless if you plan on being under the sun for the majority of the day.

Yours Stylishly

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