Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Why the Hell Not?!

Hello There!

I hope you all had fantastic Christmases. I surely did :)

In my local town, for some, their favourite thing about Christmas time is the Boxing Day Races. Some take it as an excuse to have a massive bender while others take it as one to dress up. I fall under the latter.

I love going to the races purely to check out the fashions and the outfits. I love seeing people make an effort and go all out. There is always the small handful of people who disappoint - especially ones rocking up in their everyday shorts, jeans and tee-shirts.

I hate the fact that people think "it is only Warwick" and don't make the effort. The Boxing Day Races are one of the biggest Warwick events and if that is not a reason to dress up then I don't know what is.

I couldn't count the amount of times I have been shopping with friends and we've come across an amazing outfit and someone has said "you can't wear that in Warwick". I bet we are all guilty of doing it.

Next time you hear yourself about to say "I can't", instead try asking "Why the hell not?? "

The whole reason why people don't wear these outfits in places like Warwick is because people don't. I think everyone needs to grow a backbone. I am so sick of seeing the same old singlet and shorts combos for every single day and every single event.

If you find like something you like (and it genuinely looks good on you) then get it and wear it with pride as you walk down your street. You will be doing your town a favour by leading the way.

Yours Stylishly

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