Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Surviving Week One of Lockdown

Hello my Fab Friends! I hope you haven't missed me too much.

Had a bit of a drama with the internet. It went "missing" turns out missing means it had been broken. But never fear all is well in the world. I have a new modem and blog I shall.

Well I had my first week of "lock down" in the hopes of saving some Christmas dough. I thought I did quite well actually.

As I was still feeling ill and the weather was horrible it was pretty easy to stay home and not do or spend anything.

My past week was spent doing the following:

* Sleeping in.
* I did a small tidy up of the bedroom
* Finishing baby shower invites and sending them out.
* Going to the library and borrowing books.
* I spent a lot of time online and reading.
* Working of course.

I thought I had a productive week. Looking at that list has now somewhat altered my opinion.

The weekend did prove to be a difficult task and I did indulge. Just a little.

Saturday - Had a lunch date with Mother Dearest and Sister. Also made a few small purchases of some vintage second hand tea cups - I do need them for the baby shower I am throwing for my sister. Spent the rest of the rainy afternoon watching a movie with the Boyfie before heading off to work.

Sunday - Boyfie and I had a bit of a movie and lunch date. He had conveniently misplaced his bank card  so it ended up being my shout. Afterwards went out to my family home to do the Christmas tree. I should spend more time at my home, it is almost impossible to spend money out there.

I  got nearly half the presents purchased. 4 down and 5 to go. Of course they are the 5 hardest ones left.

Oh and it was extremely hard going into the newsagency and seeing the fresh issues of Vogue on the stand all glossy and just begging me to take them home. But I was strong and Darling Boyfie did bring me home a surprise fashion mag during the week. He is so adorable and supportive =]

To everyone else who is saving - hold in there! Just remember at the end of this dark tunnel there is a light, a huge shiny light saying End of Year Sales!!

Yours Stylishly

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