Monday, December 5, 2011

Trend Slaves

Happy Monday Fab Friends! Hope your day is going better than mine. I've got a stupid cold, thanks to the boyfie.

As I am feeling absolutely crappy I think it is only fitting to write a post on one of my pet hates.

Working in a bar in this small rural town I see some questionable looks - most of them horrible, some extremely horrid. Don't worry there is a small handful who have amazing dress sense. Those girls make my night.

Some people believe that if they are sporting the hot trend of the moment they are automatically stylish - that is a big fat FALSE.  Stylish people do not follow trends - they are the people who know what goes with their bodies and work it.

A good example of this is the ever popular mullett dress. FYI that trend has long come and gone. Another annoying "Warwick thing" - it grabs hold of trends and does not let it go until long after it's expiry date. It does depend on the cut of the dress, the ones however that start at about mid length at the front, now unless you have amazing long slender legs this is not the best look for you. If you have short and perhaps stumpy legs these dresses are the devil in disguise. They make the legs seem a lot shorter and way bigger (just a helpful hint).

Please do not think that you will automatically morph into the model in the ad because you are wearing the pants that are "oh so right now". Be honest with yourself, look in the mirrror and no matter how hot the piece of clothing it is YOU who must look hot. Remember the girl should make the dress, not the other way around.

It is a hard thing to do when you absolutely adore a piece of clothing but it just isn't you, we have all done it even celebrities do.  But for the sake of fashion, take a second look in the mirror and kiss that dress good bye or else you may be saying hello to bad taste.

Yours Stylishly

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