Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Resolution Time.

Hello Fab Friends!

This year I have been focused (more or less obsessed) on next year while working my butt off and missing out on a lot of things.

A large portion consists of me fantasising bout my new life in 2012.

With the new year coming up fast (but not fast enough) I have thought long and hard about some resolutions. So here they are so far.
  1. Put more effort into my beauty regime. I dedicate a lot of my time on my wardrobe and carefully selecting outfits I very often scrimp on the hair and make up side of things. I will be living at the coast after all so need to pick up my game.
  2. Always be positive. While I pride myself on being a positive happy person there is always room for improvement. There will be absolutely no room in my life for any negativeness.
  3. Focus on school. The whole reason for my move is to attend my fashion college so without doubt it will be my main objective to try my hardest to get the best marks possible. I will not finish any assignments with "Oh well that will do".
  4. Have quality time with my family and friends. As I will not be seeing them a terrible amount of time I will definitely need to make the most of when+ I do.
  5. Create the ultimate wardrobe. Next year I endeavour to only purchase great pieces that I will wear again and again, none of the impulse rubbish clothes that seem to fill my wardrobe year in and year out.
I have made a point of not having a "eat healthy and exercise everyday" resolution. Of course these are areas that need improvement, however putting them as a resolution is just setting myself up for a fail.

Well that is my list so far. Good luck to everyone with your resolutions. Why not get a jump ahead of the gun and start putting them into action now. There is never a better time than now!

Yours Stylishly

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