Thursday, March 1, 2012

Before I pop down to the beach...

Hello My Pretties!

Sorry I missed you all last week, I am terrible.

Happy 1st day of Autumn! At the sunny Gold Coast it still feels like Summer. I have been making the most of having the beach practically at our door step & have developed a nice little tan.

View from our Balcony

So the job search continues and appears to be going absolutely no where. I guess it doesn't help much when you're as picky as me. All I want to do is work in a cute boutique clothing store. There are so many gorgeous ones around which is torture when they are not looking for anybody and even worse when I have no money to spend at them :(

As hard as it is to say this out loud I think I need to widen the search and start looking for other kinds of work.

I was dreaming of going on a holiday (just a quick weekend type one) - there are so many cheap flight deals on. I even went as far as asking Boyfie for dates to suit him. After getting his hopes up reality slapped me in the face... hard. How totally ambitious for a unemployed gal to want to take a holiday. Especially when she doesn't know where next week's rent is coming from.

Any type of holiday is rightfully on hold until I graduate. I have to focus on my study and get myself a job. Duhhh Laura.

My other search I have going on right now is search for the perfect Future outfit for this weekend. Yes I am that girl with the terrible habit of leaving important outfits to the last minute. And Yes somethings are worth taking out old Mr Plastic (not so) Faithful. I will be sure to upload pics next week.

Stay Stylish my Friends!

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